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Mrs. O Kings

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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @MakeupByCherylH ▼LIPSTICKS▼ Cremesheen (2:00) *Creme D'Nude https:shop-links.co1748032189146963617 *Pure Zen http:bit.ly2bRxtYe *Japanese Maple http:bit.ly2bSoSci *Shy Girl http:bit.ly2bVZAri *Sweet And Sour http:bit.ly2bVZUq2 *Sunny Seoul http:bit.ly2ccJlF8 *Coral Bliss http:bit.ly2bBZvfv *Ravishing http:bit.ly2bW0eoT *Peach Blossom https:shop-links.co1748044161565039433 Jazzed (LE) Ever Hip (LE) Innocence Beware (LE) Only You (LE) Naughty Sautee (LE) Without Your Love (LE) Black Knight (LE) Lustre (3:45) *High Tea http:bit.ly2bC1hNN *Shy Shine http:bit.ly2bVZxMd *Freckletone http:bit.ly2bC1gJu *Lovelorn http:bit.ly2bW0Oml *Midimauve http:bit.ly2bC0z37 *Syrup http:bit.ly2bC1RLt *Razzledazzler http:bit.ly2bW0HXZ Sweet & Single (LE) Gaga (LE) Cut A Caper (LE) Dish It Up (LE) Marquise D (LE) Real Doll (LE) *Flamingo http:bit.ly2bJYDp2 Flare For Finery (LE) Pure Vanity (LE) Tumble Dry (LE) Gold XIXI Satin (5:48) *Del Rio https:shop-links.co1748047167779839407 *Pink Nouveau http:bit.ly2bW0Ev9 *Media https:shop-links.co1748047382888048647 *Faux https:shop-links.co1748047036302107620 *Sushi Kiss http:bit.ly2bC1GzA *Snob https:shop-links.co1748047122192bra794520 *Myth https:shop-links.co1748047012463133264 *Cherish https:shop-links.co1748046971454087788 *Brave https:shop-links.co1748047069787568297 *Fleshpot http:bit.ly2bC20ym *Paramount https:shop-links.co1748047366533484450 *Peachstock http:bit.ly2bW1xUB *Cyber https:shop-links.co1748047410413899779 *Rebel https:shop-links.co1748047420994492178 Pink Friday (LE) Runaway Red (LE) Betty Bright (LE) Kelly Yum Yum (LE) Hot Chocolate (LE) Brave New Bronze (LE) Love Goddess (LE) Toxic Tale (LE) Nicki (LE) Glaze (8:07) *Hue http:bit.ly2bC2nc7 Pleasure Seeker (LE) Frost (8:25) *Angel https:shop-links.co1748051250547329067 *Gel https:shop-links.co1748051268430365331 Pet Me, Please (LE) All I Want (LE) You've Got It (LE) Who's That Chick (LE) Rihanna 2 (LE) Retro Matte (9:19) *Runaway Hit http:bit.ly2bYiLAB Flat Out Fabulous https:shop-links.co1748050233223938397 *Relentlessly Red https:shop-links.co1748050204330891919 Riri Woo (LE) Talk That Talk (LE) Amplified (9:58) *Up The Amp http:bit.ly2bW3rEy *Half N Half http:bit.ly2bW1Qid *Blankety http:bit.ly2bW0swd *Chatterbox http:bit.ly2bC2hBr *Saint Germain https:shop-links.co1748048742907794855 *Vegas Volt https:shop-links.co1748048805618091965 * Morange https:shop-links.co1748048677367402666 *Neon Orange http:bit.ly2bW1DvA A Perfect Day (LE) Watch Me Simmer (LE) Miley Cyrus (LE) Gaga 2 (LE) Nicki 2 (LE) Reel Sexy (LE) Dark Deed (LE) Matte (11:42) *Yash https:shop-links.co1748049900832734950 *Kinda Sexy https:shop-links.co1748050831716842057 *Please Me https:shop-links.co1748049037026445715 Honeylove https:shop-links.co1748049873898179039 *Whirl https:shop-links.co1748050857920670421 *Stone http:bit.ly2bW0Z0W *Naturally Transformed http:bit.ly2bW1S9G *Mehr https:shop-links.co1748049060772244157 *Pink Plaid http:bit.ly2bW2pIR *Taupe https:shop-links.co1748049820226378946 *Lady Danger https:shop-links.co1748048880582146250 *Persistence http:bit.ly2bC4ddc *Instigator http:bit.ly2bW4AMm *Diva https:shop-links.co1748048944445077245 *Velvet Teddy https:shop-links.co1748050780738273909 *Sin https:shop-links.co1748048997759885236 *Russian red https:shop-links.co1748048918286786692 *Candy Yum Yum http:bit.ly2bW390t Royal (LE) Plum Princess (LE) Margherita (LE) Enchanted One (LE) Eugenie (LE) Strip Poker (LE) Bianca B. (LE) Nude (LE) Party Parrot (LE) Strange Journey (LE) DDDevilish (LE) Pleasure Bomb (LE) Arrowhead (LE) Dodgy Girl (LE) Ariana Grande (LE) Charmed I'm Sure (LE) Vermillion Vee (LE) Living Legend (LE) Deeply Adored (LE) Tats (LE) Quick Sizzle (LE) Charlotte (LE) Scarlett Abis (LE) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▼MUSIC▼ All music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Konac - Home Discos Over - Lonely Island PTII (feat. PRXZM) Kontinuum - Lost (feat. Savoi) Unison - Aperture ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. Some links are affiliate links (*) which means if you purchase a product through my link, I receive a small commission. Thank you all so much for supporting my channel!

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