Carociba, Inc., Online Social MediaNetworking, Norfolk, NE U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2021 BETA

Business plan

Introduction is an internet based social networking services built around the face-to-face connecting power of video to help members connect for friendship, learning, trade, jobs, or for dating purposes. It also allows family, friends and co-workers to reconnect when life keeps them apart.

Why we started this business:

We at Videoconnectt believe in thinking and acting differently than everyone else by creating products and services that make everyday life easy. We do this by developing products and services that are purpose driven, powerfully interactive, easy to use and well designed. This is why we exist.


Our mission is to connect the world, one video at a time. We want to encourage people to utilize the power of video to transform every aspect of their lives.


The vision of the company is to maximize and utilize the power of video as a tool, to change the way individuals connect, trade, inform and love, while promoting different cultural beliefs around the world everyday, everywhere, by uploading one video at a time.

Goals and objectives:


The goal of VC is to empower and encourage individuals to maximize and broaden their imaginations through the use of video, to connect trade locally and globally, to learn, inform or find love and do things that would bring meaning to their lives.

Our goal would also be to compete and be the best company that would revitalize businesses and encourage ecommerce through the use of video across the globe.

We also want to improve relationships, promote tourism and connect families and friends whenever life keeps them apart.


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