The following services are 100% free on VideoConnectt.

1.      You will be given 10GB storage space free after you join VideoConnectt.  You may decide to buy more storage space as deem fit. (See our storage price list below.)

2.      You can upload your videos for free on Connectt Friends, Passion, How we Met, The Perfect Dress, Perfect Proposals and For the Wedding. 

3.      Video Chatting is 100% free for one on one chatting.

4.      A channel is 100% free for individuals.


Connectt Heart Prices.

Upload videos for free for 60 days after that.

1.     Subscription for one month $19.99 per month.

2.      Subscription for three months $14.99 per month.

3.     Subscription for six months $12.99 per month.

4.     Subscription for one year $9.99 per month.

Video Chatting is 100% free.


VideoConnectt Listing and Final Fees

When you list an item on Videoconnectt, you’re charged a listing fee.  If the item sells you’re also charged a final fee.  The cost of selling an item is the listing fee plus the final fee.

There would be an additional charge if a product sells.

For all the listings, Auction-Style, Highest Offer or Purchase it now, the Final Price is the listing price + a % of the Final Bid.


General listing fee for those who do not have a store


No of pictures                                        listing fee

1- 2 pics                                                   $0.99

1-4 pics                                                    $1.99

1-6 pics                                                    $2.99

1-10pics                                                   $4.99

1-4 mins video (alone)                          $7.99

1-10pics + 1-4mins video                    $9.99


*Please note: Items that CANNOT be listed under this category includes cars, trucks, real estate, heavy machinery, boats, motorcycles etc, etc.

*If item sells, the Final Price will be the listing price + 8% of the final bid price, NOT more than $99.99.


*Special consideration for Car Dealers, Hotels and Realtors


·         Please visit our Store Subscription page for your preferred choice (Visit types of store link)

·         $9.99/item for listing to Auction, Buy it now and Highest Offer Format.

A subscription fee allows limited / unlimited listing of cars, trucks or properties IN YOUR store. These Users enjoy the benefit of a lower Final Price, which is 8% of the Final Bid, NOT more than $79.99.  



If item sells, the Final Price will be $29.99 + 10% of the final bid, but NOT more than $99.99.



·         Boats with motor  & Accessories -  Listing fee will be  - $21.99 ( you can list 1, 4 minute video and up to 10 pictures)

·         Boats without motor & accessories Listing fee will be $19.99 (You can list 1,  4 minute video and up to 10 pictures)   

·         New heavy equipment/machinery e.g. tractors -$39.99 (You can list up to 1, 4mins video and 10 pictures).

·         Used heavy equipment/machinery - $29.99 (You can list up to 1, 4 mins video and 10 pictures).

·         Motor Cycles & Accessories - $9.99 (you can list up to 1, 4 mins video and 10 pictures).

·         Parts & Accessories - $3.00 (You can list up to 1-6 pictures)

Final Price = Listing Price + 8% of the final price NOT more than $99.99.


Total cost to buyer = The cost of the item + shipping + any fees a seller may charge including sales tax.


Cost to seller:  If item listed is not sold, the seller only pays the listing fee.

If an Item is sold = The seller would pay the listing fee plus 8% of the item’s total cost to buyer NOT more than a maximum charge of $99.99 as final fee.






No of pictures                                   listing fee

1- 2 pics                                              $0.99

1-4 pics                                               $1.99

1-6 pics                                               $2.99

1-10pics                                              $4.99

1-4 mins video (alone)                     $7.99

1-10pics + 1-4mins video                $9.99


·        In addition, you will pay $4.99 if the room is finally rented 




Open a channel for your business.  It is free for 90 days after that; your card will be charged $9.99/month. It is your responsibility to update your credit card information.



Videoconnectt Stores


Videoconnectt Stores are easy to open and members can have more than one store.  The advantage of a shop is that it provides a unique shareable link that allows members to find product listings under a specific store and bring them all to one page.  The link can be shared, emailed or placed on members own websites.  An additional advantage of opening a store and assigning products to that store is you can easily see your store grow from a small store to a very large store.  This advantage encourages people to open shops, list more products and share the link with others.



Store Fees (For individual or Companies with store subscription)


Small scale store $9.99 per month, upload up to 100 items

Medium scale store $14.99 per month, upload up to 150 items.

Large scale store $49.99 per month, upload up to 300 items.

Premium scale store $299.99 per month, upload unlimited items


* For special consideration, please contact VC’s store’s admin. 






1.      $9.99/per month/per listing with AD

2.      $14.99/per month/per listing with NO AD

3.      $59.99/per year unlimited listing with AD

4.      $79.99/per year unlimited with NO ADs

*Please note that taxes and other additional fees are not included in all these fees.


Sellers with PayPal account would be required to pay full payment of their Final Price within 30 days of their listing.


Seller’s paying with other forms of payment different from PayPal would be required to pay their Final Price immediately after closing a transaction.


Seller’s credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express) or PayPal account must be on file before listing.


A late charge of 2% will be applied on the day after the payment is due if not paid, until full payment is received.  Failure to pay may lead to suspension of your account and you may be responsible for other related legal costs.  Also note that, early termination of the listing before final sale would result to payment of 50% of the listing fee. For example, if the listing fee is $10.00; and there is early termination before the final sale, your account would be debited with $5.00.



Storage plan pricing.


You can store up to 10GB of video with VC for free.  Additional storage will need to be purchased as detailed below:


Prices for Private Storage (Individuals)


License Size                         Price


100GB/month                     $2.99

1 TB /month                        $12.99

10 TB/month                       $104.99

20 TB/month                       $204.99

30 TB/month                       $304.99


Prices for Companies and Businesses


Storage Size                          Price 


20 GB/month                       $5.99

50 GB/month                       $9.99

200 GB/month                    $19.99

400 GB/month                    $39.99


1 TB/month                         $99.99

2 TB/month                         $189.99

4 TB/month                         $369.99

8TB/month                          $816.99

16 TB/month                       $1,450.99


To add more VC’s storage:

  1. Click on Add storage
  2. Indicate the storage size and then click to pay



Prices listed above MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME   without notice.  It does not include any applicable taxes or fees associated with your country of residence.  You may be charged taxes or fees in addition to the prices listed above.





Videoconnectt storage plan purchases are non-refundable.




By default, your storage purchase plan is set to automatically renew at the end of your subscription.  Seven Days grace period is allowed for you to update your payment information, after which your subscription will be canceled.



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